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2011 CAMPS DIRECTORY COMING 1st Week of January, 2011 !!!
Camp Information is updated continuously. Last update was: 1-jan-11 20:50

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Winter/Spring Break Camps and Application Forms:
travel camps

International Travel Camps and Application Forms:
World Squash and Beyond - Six different destinations 2010 info
LeGassick Squash Camp at Brown - Edinburgh, SCOTLAND 2010 info
Chris Walker - Euro Jr tournament tour 2010 info
Pro Squash Training Camp - Int'l training in Brazil, Egypt, Canada 2010 info
Rome, Italy Squash Travel Camp - 2010 info
nicol champions academy
usa camps

Summer Camp Brochures and Application Forms:
Nicol Champions Academy @ Hotchkiss (CT) and Episcopal (PA) 2010 info  
Squash and Beyond & World Squash and Beyond @ Williams 2010 info
Power Squash Academy - Training Center (NH) 2010 info
Talbott Squash Academy 2010 info
Next Step Squash @ Blair Academy 2010 info  
Total Squash Camp - Episcopal School, VA Brochure   2010 info
LeGassick Squash Camp at Brown - RI & Edinburgh, SCO 2010 info
Navy Squash Camp @ Annapolis MD 2010 info
Holleran Squash Camp at Lawrenceville, NJ Brochure   2010 info
Chris Walker - Summer camps in San Diego CA 2010 info
Ultimate Squash Camp at Yale, New Haven CT  
Squash and Beyond & World Squash and Beyond @ Williams 2010 info

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Total squash Camps