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Regular SquashTalk Columns:

  • Martin
    Bronstein’s "Global Gallery"
    -Bronstein, a respected sports
    journalist and inductee into the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame, covers
    the world of squash, from important news, world scoops, to opinion and
    personal interest items.

  • Team
    Kneipp –
    Brothers, Joseph and Dan Kneipp, provide a perspective
    on the life of a professional squash pro

  • Runa
    on the Road – Runa Reta, touring squash pro based in Ottawa, Canada,
    provides a thoughtful WISPA twist to the roving life of the squash pro.

  • LJ’s
    Tour Log
    – Touring pro, Laurens Jan Anjema reports from tournament
    and the training court.

  • Rob
    Dinerman – reports and profiles of the New York, Doubles, Hardball,
    US News, Women’s Pro Tour, and historical squash scenes.

  • Tournament
    – Calgary
    based squash observer Ryan Barnett reports on the world of pro squash.

  • Ron
    Beck "The Spin"
    – SquashTalk founder and editor’s
    observations on squash at large

Former columnists, still
in the archives:


Improve Your Squash!:

Guest SquashTalk Columns: