Cowles Tournament Records

Cowles "Hall of Fame"

Winners and
runners up for the Harry Cowles Tournament held at the Harvard Club, New
York [also: History of the Cowles]
compiled for SquashTalk by Rob Dinerman, 2001

Year Winner Finalist
1947 Charles Brinton R S Rothchild
1948 Stanley Pearson A Ingraham
1949 Stanley Pearson Germain Glidden
1950 Diehl Mateer Don Strachan
1951 Diehl Mateer Charles Brinton
1952 Diehl Mateer Charles Brinton
1953 Diehl Mateer Carter Ferguson
1954 Henri Salaun Diehl Mateer
1955 Henri Salaun Diehl Mateer
1956 Diehl Mateer Cal MacCracken
1957 Henri Salaun Cal MacCracken
1958 Henri Salaun Cal MacCracken
1959 Henri Salaun Carter Ferguson
1960 Henri Salaun Charles Ufford
1961 Charles Ufford Cal MacCracken
1962 Steve Vehslage Don Mills
1963 Victor Niederhoffer Ben Heckscher
1964 Henri Salaun Ben Heckscher
1965 Victor Niederhoffer Sam Howe
1966 Sam Howe Ralph Howe
1967 Victor Niederhoffer Sam Howe
1968 Bob Hetherington Sam Howe
1969 Ralph Howe Frank Satterthwaite
1970 Anil Nayar Frank Satterthwaite
1971 Larry Terrell Sam Howe
1972 Victor Niederhoffer Anil Nayar
1973 Victor Niederhoffer Robert Hetherington
1974 Gordon Anderson Victor Niederhoffer
1975 Victor Niederhoffer Gordon Anderson
1976 Peter Briggs Frank Satterthwaite
1977 Tom Page Palmer Page
1978 Gil Mateer Victor Harding
1979 Ned Edwards Gil Mateer
1980 Michael Desaulniers Ned Edwards
1981 Ned Edwards John Bottger
1982 John Nimick Joe Swain
1983 David Boyum Kenton Jernigan
1984 Gil Mateer Bill Doyle
1985 Kenton Jernigan Jeff Stanley
1986 Kenton Jernigan Derrick Niederman
1987 Darius Pandole Derrick Niederman
1988 Rodolfo Rodriguez Soli Mehta
1989 Jeff Stanley Jack Polsky
1990 Mark Baker Jon Foster
1991 Jeremy Fraiberg Roy Rubin
1992 Jeremy Fraiberg Adrian Ezra
1993 Bill Doyle Rob Dinerman
1994 Adrian Ezra Tom Harrity
1995 * Dan Ezra Tal Ben-Shacher
1996 * Tal Ben-Shacher Dan Ezra
Note: 1995-96 were played
with the softball.


Harry Cowles – Harvard Coach
© SquashTalk archives
Diehl Mateer – 5 time winner,
twice finalist
Niederhoffer & Nayar,
1972 photo by Bob Lehman
Niederhoffer & Sam Howe,
1965 photo by Bob Lehman


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