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April 2000, Gallery # 2000-4

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I’ve mentioned Jean de Lierre before. He’s the Canadian obsessed with
not only getting squash on television, but doing it correctly. He believes
the technique of a stationery camera high behind the back wall, although
it has accomplished a lot in bringing squash to TV and video, can be improved.
De Lierre’s new approach has as a goal increasing the intimacy of the
video medium, bringing the viewer "into the court" and in consequence
both personalizing and making the production more dynamic. His approach
is to use a much tighter shot and move the camera with the players and
by intercutting with shots from the front wall camera, it takes the viewer
into the action. Also, De Lierre pays attention to "preserving the
angle of view", i.e. not shifting the viewing position by 180% abruptly
– which he believes can be confusing in following the progress of the

John Nimick gave Jean the go-ahead to make the official videos of the Tournament of Champions, and I can tell you that they are good. As one of Jean’s "collaborators" I was in Toronto early in March for post production as a commentator on the tapes. I had a head-clogging cold so you can be sure the video is more attractive than the audio. The great thing is you get the whole match, every game, every rally, unlike the official PSA productions, where half the game has disappeared in the commercial break. Jean has produced one quarter -final, two semi-finals and the final between Power and Heath. You can see for yourself by buying these videos from Squashtalk.


The competition to find a nickname for Peter Marshall brought out some interesting entries but one of the earliest emerged the winner. It’s precise, funny and has an ominous sub-text. Step forward Ken Anklovich, for creating the winning entry: "Marshall Tito".

If you e-mail your home address to Squashtalk, your superb prize of the World Squash Yearbook 1999, autographed by editor Colin McQuillan, will be airmailed to you. Ah! Yes, we’re not cheapskates at Squashtalk.



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