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What was new in SquashTalk the week ending November 1st and earlier:


Baird Haney US Junior Tour Event (10.31.99) Photos (still awaiting final results to post)


PSA Challenger North America Tour: Westchester Open Results, Oct 22-24 (10.30.99)
also, [PSA Challenger Main Web Page]


British Open 1999 information page Schedules, ticket information, poster. (10-27-99)


Womens World Open Photogallery Photographs by Kim Tunney (10-27-99)


Upset in Seattle: Kim Tunney analyzes Cassie Campion’s win (with photos) Women’s World Open in Seattle – Cassie wins convincingly over Michelle Martin in the finals. (10-26-99)
Upset in Seattle: Cassie Campion claims world crown!
Women’s World Open in Seattle – Cassie wins convincingly over Michelle Martin in the finals. (10-24-99)
Women’s World Seattle – semi-final report from Kim Tunney report and photos: Michelle Martin and Cassie Campion win. (10-23-99)
Women’s World Seattle – quarter-final report from Kim Tunney
report and photos: Blood, sweat, tears, and referees… (10-22-99)


1999 India Junior Championships results (10-24-99)


Mahmoud Karim Memoriam Martin Bronstein provides a retrospective on the great squash champion, Egypt’s Mahmoud Karim. (10-22-99)
Other squash player profiles You can find a growing list of player’s profiled on the SquashTalk profiles section. (10-22-99)


Boston Eye Opener Junior Tourney Scores, reports, photos from the first Mass Gray’s Junior Grand Prix event of the year. (10-18-99)


Women’s World Seattle – second round report from Kim TunneyWomen’s World Open in Seattle – report and photos. (10-22-99)


Women’s World Seattle – tournament pageWomen’s World Open in Seattle – follow all the tournament results. (10-20-99)


WISPA Weymuller Open, finals.Finals: Michelle Martin beats Linda Charman in well-fought four game final. (10-16-99)
WISPA Weymuller Open summary page
WISPA Weymuller Open, semi-finals.Semi-finals: Michelle Martin, Linda Charman head toward show-down. (10-15-99)
WISPA Weymuller Open, quarter-finals.Quarter-final results: Top four seeds advance. (10-14-99)
WISPA Weymuller Open, Round 2Second Round results: Aussies, English advance. (10-13-99)
WISPA Carol Weymuller OpenFirst Round results: Strong field, few upsets. (10-12-99)


CAS Open Peshawar PakistanThrough quarters: Two Pakistanis remain, Ong Beng Hee as well. (10-12-99)


USA Juniors Squash – Dartmouth Fall FoliageResults, Report, Photos from the Fall Foliage Squash Open, Oct 9-10: Photos from Saturday’s Action! (10-12-99)


Introducing… PSA Challenger Tournaments in North America A new program of "feeder" tournaments by the PSA, organized in the Americas by John Power. (10-9-99)


USA Juniors Squash – Dartmouth Fall Foliage Fall Foliage Squash Open, Oct 9-10: Photos from Saturday’s Action! (10-8-99)


Nick Matthew in Barcelona Nick Matthew scores big win in Barcelona PSA Satellite event. (10-8-99)


USA Juniors Squash – Cynwyd Club Cynwyd Junior Squash Open, Sept 30 – Oct 4. (10-8-99)


Global Gallery 10, October .Martin Bronstein reports on British Open in Aberdeen and other topics of current interest. (10-5-99)


SRA British Open Announcement British Open moves to Aberdeen, Scotland, Dec 6-12 1999. (10-5-99)


Jahangir Khan in Dutch League HSRC in The Hague signs Jahangir Khan and Norman and Peter Marshall to their premiler league team. (10-5-99)


Global Gallery 10, October .Martin Bronstein reports on British Open in Korea and other topics of current interest. (10-5-99)


Oct 15-18 Las Vegas Squash Camp Note from Chris Walker: Just for those business people out there who like to book up late, a last reminder that the Las Vegas squash camp with Peter Nicol (World Champion, No.1) and Chris Walker (England Captain) has some places available for late booking. Further details at: camp web site Or feel free to email me directly at: Chris@Walker.net or Contact Amy Milanek at BlaznAmy@email.msn.com Tel: +1 702 896 9803 (10-3-99)


Monte Carlo WISPA Open Final results from today: Cassie (Jackman) Campion beats Vanessa Atkinson in 3 in the finals. (10-3-99)


British Open, December, Aberdeen Scotland SRA Announces a press conference for Monday morning, October 4th, to announce that the British Open will take place this December in Aberdeen. SquashTalk will publish a fuller report on Monday. (10-2-99)


Monte Carlo WISPA Open Semi-final results from today: Vanessa Atkinson, Cassie (Jackman) Campion to meet in finals. (10-2-99)


Monte Carlo WISPA Open Quarterfinal results from today: Vanessa Atkinson makes strong run into semis. (10-1-99)


Peter Nicol back to #1 Oct 1 PSA World Men’s Rankings shows Peter Nicol taking over number one spot from Jonathon Power on the strength of his World Championship win. (10-1-99)


Martin Bronstein at the World Teams: Egypt takes final over Wales Emotional Victory at Gaza (9-22-99)
Complete final day match scores – all placing playoffs Canada 6th, Pakistan 12th. (9-22-99)
Martin Bronstein at the World Teams: Eve of the finals — USA keeps winning and impressing. (9-22-99)


NOTICE OF APOLOGY SquashTalk apologizes to the WSF and the squash community for incorrectly posting the PSA logo on coverage of the World Team Championships. The World teams are a WSF event, not a PSA event (9-22-99)


Martin Bronstein at the World Teams: Egypt over Australia . (9-21-99)
Martin Bronstein at the World Teams:Wales SHOCKS England (9-21-99)
Martin Bronstein at the World Teams:Quarterfinal Report (9-21-99)
WSF Press release World Teams:Semi-final Report
WSF Press release World Teams:Quarter-final Report


Martin Bronstein at the World Teams: US Win their Pool Aiming to finish 17th. (9-20-99)


Martin Bronstein at the World Teams: Sunday Report England, Canada, Pakistan, USA. (9-20-99)
Martin Bronstein at the World Teams:Saturday Report Barada falls without much fight(9-19-99)
WSF Press release World Teams:Sunday Report
WSF Press release World Teams:Saturday Report


Martin Bronstein at the World Teams: Complete Pool scores Action now moves to quarterfinals. (9-20-99)


Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt: Final action, Al Ahram Men’s and Women’s Barada can’t break through against Nicol. Martin vanquishes Owens with ease. (9-16-99) also Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt: Semi-final action, Al Ahram Men’s and Women’s Barada breaks through to meet Nicol after Power retires. Martin and Owens to meet in womens. (9-15-99)and…
PSA, WISPA press releases on semifinals


Third Round, Men’s Al Ahram Gaza: PSA Press release Nicol, Chaloner through. (9-14-99)


Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt: Quarter-final action, Men’s World Open Nicol, Barada, Power shine. (9-15-99)


Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt: Quarter-finals, women’s Al-Ahram Martin and Charman in excellent contest. (9-15-99)


Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt: Third round action, second half Chaloner, Johnson get through. (9-14-99)


Third Round, Men’s Al Ahram Gaza: PSA Press release Nicol, Chaloner through. (9-14-99)


Second Round, Women’s Al Ahram International: Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt Leilani Joyce falls. (9-14-99)


First Round, Women’s Al Ahram International: Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt Michelle Martin looking stronger. (9-13-99)
also WISPA press release on the first round result


Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt: Third round action Sunday, PM, Hill, Barada, Parke, win, Power beats Shabana in a beauty. (9-12-99)


PSA 3rd Round press release from Sun Evening, Sept 12 Sunday, PM, Hill, Barada, Parke, Power. (9-13-99)
PSA First and second round press releases from Fri-Sat-Sun (through Sept 12)


Martin Bronstein’s Global Gallery: August ’99 With respect on Mamoud Karim’s passing… more on the British Open that might be (9-12-99)


Finals: Michelle Martin again (9-12-99)
Semi final results, Heliopolis WISPA Open Micelle Martin beats Carol Owens, Leilani Joyce beats Cassie Campion. (9-11-99)


Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt: Sunday AM, Power and Johnson at night. (9-12-99)


Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt Saturday: Day Two, Sat PM: Round two results. (9-11-99)
also: Sat AM report: Travels across Cairo, Nicol, Power, Hill advance. (9-11-99)


Martin Bronstein Reporting From Egypt: Day One, Friday, Graham Ryding, Rodney Eyles lose. (9-10-99)


Al Ahram, Helipolis, Teams World Open Results: SquashTalk’s World Open main page (9-6-99)
Also: women’s quarterfinal Heliopolis results (9-10-99) Also: First round first day results (9-10-99) Also: Qualifying event results (9-8-99) Also: Qualifying event results (9-6-99)


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Singapore WISPA Open Final Results: Michelle Martin beats Leilani Joyce in an all down-under affair. (9-6-99)


Singapore WISPA Open First Round: Michelle Martin advances, Latasha Khan in upset win. (9-3-99)


Jonathon Power retains #1 ranking over Nicol after Hong Kong: Ryding, Casteleyn, Hill, Haddrell all move up. (9-2-99)


PSA Names new Prexy: England’s Gawain Briars set to succeed USA’s John Nimick. (9-2-99)


New in profiles section: Cardiff University standouts Conversation with Brian O’Hora and Amber Perreira from Cardiff University, Wales. (9-2-99)


Summer Doldrums Tourney, Boston MA USA Aug 27-29 1999 Paul Ansdell wins one against Pat Malloy. (9-1-99)


Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Open:Colin Mcquillan Reporting:
The finals: Nicol wins the Cathay Pacific over Power in a convincing 3 games. (8-29-99)
also; Day5 the semifinals: Power dominates Ryding, Nicol gets by Barada after a great first game (8-28-99)
also; Day 4, Quarterfinals: Ryding breaks through to face Power in all-Canadian semi (8-27-99)
Press releases for Cathay Pacific Open:go to tourney main page


V World Masters, Sheffield: Martin Bronstein’s Final Report Day 6: The finals (8-28-99)
also; Sheffield: Martin Bronstein’s semi-finals Report
Day 5: (8-27-99)
Sheffield: Martin Bronstein’s quarter-finals Report
Day 4: (8-26-99)
Also:[Squashtalk Masters Page]
and [Final resuts]

Also: WSF Results from the competition online.


Pan American Games 99 Wrapup:
Wrapup of the men’s competition by Kim Tunney – (with focus on the American team) (9-1-99), also
Profile of the Team USA coaches – Sharon Bradey and Paul Assaiante (8-26-99), also
Squashtalk Photo Gallery. (8-22-99) also:
Special feature: Shabana Khan’s smallest fan (8-22-99)


Regatas Open, Lima Peru Del Harris wins PSA satellite event. (8-25-99)


Pan-Arab Games Competition Ends: Egyptian wins Mens and Womens team golds, Jordan captures both team silvers. . (8-25-99)


Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Open:Colin Mcquillan Reporting:
Day 3, Power, Nicol, Barada, Parke advance, Hill self destructs once again (8-25-99)
also; Day 2, Power struggles, Eyles falls (8-25-99)
also; Day One report: Aussies Billy Haddrell and Anthony Hill the main act… other Australians fail. (8-24-99)
also: Press releases for Cathay Pacific Open:go to tourney main page


V World Masters, Sheffield: Martin Bronstein ReportsDay 2: Jonah Barrington, Hashim Khan lose (8-24-99)
Also:[Squashtalk Masters Page]
and [Selected day two resuts]
and V World Masters, Sheffield: Martin Bronstein Reports Jonah Barrington wins first match, Ross Norman, etc. (8-23-99)
Also: Results from the competition are posted online.
also WSF press release on first day, World Masters, Sheffield


Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Open: Qualifying results and main draw. Ten Australians make it into the main draw. (8-24-99)


Pan Arab Games Amman: Team competition Egyptian women sew up gold, Egypt plays Jordan for men’s gold. (8-23-99)


V World Masters, Sheffield: Martin Bronstein Reports Jonah Barrington wins first match, Ross Norman, etc. (8-23-99)
Also: Results from the competition are posted online.
also WSF press release on first day, World Masters, Sheffield


Hong Kong Open: Jonathon Power featured in South China Morning Post Online. (8-23-99). (results and reports starting tomorrow.


World Women’s Open in Seattle (Oct 99): Planning to visit or sponsor the World Open? Visit the tourney web site and learn more. (8-23-99).


In Silicon Valley, CA, USA: 1999 Col. Bud Thompson Memorial Squash Championship, August 27-29 Pacific Athletic Club, Redwood City. Enter online at www.pacclub.com/squash. . (8-22-99). ENTER TODAY!


PSA Disciplines a top-ten player:Anthony Hill fined for Maastricht actions. (8-22-99). a second Libertel-related charge is dismssed.


World Masters Games, Sheffield, UKResults from the first day’s competition is now online. (8-23-99). (posted on ISF website)


Pan – Arab Games: Squashtalk web page Wajih beats Abbas for all-Egypt final in the men’s, Egypt also takes women’s. (8-22-99). Team competition ongoing


Bus accident at Arab GamesSeveral egyptian players injured in Jordan. (8-22-99). SquashTalk hopes all the players involved recover quickly and can return to competition !


Eat Well Live Well Australian Women’s OpenMichelle Martin gets win against Leilana Joyce. (8-22-99)


Pan American Games 99 Wrapup: Squashtalk Photo Gallery. (8-22-99)


Nicol turns pro Move will add spice to the WISPA tour (From Malaysia Star online). (8-19-99)


PanAm Games NOTEBOOK by Kimberley Tunney (udated 8-21-99)
[Notebook on Shabana Khan’s Littlest fan] (8-20-99)
[Notebook on Melanie Jans] (8-6-99)
[Notebook on Graham Ryding] (8-7-99)


PSA Event Bogota ColombiaFinn, Olli Tuominen, the winner. (8-17-99)


Sportiom World Cup in HollandEngland wins the team world cup over Scotland. (8-15-99)


PSA WISPA Exterieur Open, Royan, France Linda Charman impressive in win. Men’s side all French. (8-17-99)


Pan Am Games – Teams CompetitionCanada wins both Men’s and Women’s gold (8-11-99)
[Pan Am Games main page]


Egypt takes historic Womens Junior World title over England! USA beats Germany to take fifth and Malaysia finishes third. (8-7-99)
also: [World Junior Women’s Main Page]


PanAm Games NOTEBOOK by Kimberley Tunney (8-7-99)
[Notebook on Melanie Jans] (8-6-99)
[Notebook on Graham Ryding] (8-7-99)


Tournament listings update Late summer and fall tournaments, worldwide (8-7-99)


Huge upset for Egypt over Malaysia in Womens Junior World team semis. Egypt will face England for the gold. USA and Germany move ahead to meet for fifth place (8-7-99)
also: [World Junior Women’s Main Page]


Pan Am Games – Women Teams Competition Women’s quarters – USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico advance (8-7-99)
[Pan Am Games main page]


Sportiom World Cup in Holland, Aug 10-16. Pool draws, seedings, and how it is played. (8-5-99)


Pan-Am Game 1999 – Canada (Graham Ryding, Melanie Jans) scores double gold in individual squash.
USA (Demer Holleran, Latasha Khan) grab silver and bronze on the women’s side. Argentina (Jorge Guttierez, Uzandizaga ) grabs silver and bronze on the men’s side.
[Squash Canada Report on the finals]


After the quarter-finals in the World Women’s Juniors team event. Malaysia, Australia, England, Egypt are semi-finalists. (8-3-99)
also: [World Junior Women’s Main Page]


The Global Gallery 8 from Martin Bronstein: Barrington, Hashim, Sue Wright, Dunlop’s rollout, more non-news on British Open, and more.


Jonathon Power withdraws from the Pan Am Games. Cites personal reasons for his withdrawal and asks media to respect his privacy (8-2-99)
[Earlier Globe and Mail report on the same topic]. (8-1-99)
[Press Release from Jonathon Power Regarding his withdrawal from the PanAm games individual event] (8-1-99)


Nicol David easily defeats Suy Lynn Leong, in an all Malaysian final of the individual portion of the World Women’s Juniors.

[Read the Malaysian Star Online account]
Junior Worlds underway in Antwerp:
Complete semi-final results in the individual tourney are online. (July 30, 1999).
also: [World Junior Women’s Main Page]


Pan-Am Game 1999 – tournament page
also: [USA Pan Am Team Selection, by Kim Tunney]
[USA Pan Am Team Player profiles, by Kim Tunney]
[USA Pan Am Team men’s seedings, by Kim Tunney]


SRA names team for World Cup tourney in Holland. Peter Marshall to try comeback


WSF and Dunlop roll-out new ball line in London.


New Dayton Ohio USA Squash Center Opens: Central Ohio squash hotbed has new venue. (July 31, 1999)


Oklahoma City Open ’99:Zarak Jahan Khan celebrates victory over Canada’s Shahier Razik who had a great run through the qualifier to the final. Dave McNeely of the USA wins a round, then falls quietly in quarters (July 26, 1999)


American Airlines Swept-Away Open ’99, Jamaica: Simon Parke tops Alex Gough. (July 23, 1999)


Albuquerque NM USA Open ’99: Renan Lavigne from France wins after upsetting Zarak Jahan Khan in the semis (. (July 23, 1999)


Malaysians look ahead to Antwerp:Draw will be crucial to Malaysia’s hopes. (July 12, 1999)
also: [World Junior Women’s Main Page]


YTL Open Malaysia to Australians according to form:Carol Owens over Rachel Grinham Anthony Ricketts beats favored Billy Haddrell. (July 12, 1999)


It’s Official! Baj at Harvard: Harvard announces Satinder Bajwa as new Men’s and Women’s head squash coach. (July 9, 1999)


New Men’s Coach at UPENN: Craig Thorpe-Clark to take on the challenge of imparting excellence in UPENN men’s squash program. (July 9, 1999)


1999 Spring Valley Australian Junior Championships: Sarah Dubois surprise victor over world teammate Dianne Desira in Victoria finals. (July 9, 1999)


Mexico Open ’99: Amr Shabana wins again in Mexico for second straight. (July 12, 1999)


Regional News: Thirsty Night Squash League Summer 1999 bulletin from premier social league in Vancouver BC. (July 8, 1999)


Pakistan names World Cup Team: Also selection procedure for worlds, will Jansher Khan, who stands at Pakistan #1 and would be forced to play a preliminary trial, find a way in? (July 8, 1999).
[read the blunt article in Pakistan’s "THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL"]


Puebla Open Mexico: Egypt’s Amr Shabana win’s first PSA event. (July 7, 1999)


Bronstein’s Global Gallery #7:Barrington to Masters, Baj to Harvard, Worlds forecast, World cup, PSA and journalists… (July 7, 1999)


Junior Men’s Toronto: PhotosTeam photos from the North American Juniors tourney. (July 7, 1999)


Perth Silver Bowl Women’s Invitational:Michelle Martin shows Natalie Grainger why she’s #1. (July 4, 1999)


Kuala Lumpur Open: Nicol David reaches finals of WISPA event but can’t match Carol Owens this time: Owens wins after Davud had upset Vanessa Atkinson, Liz Irving. Kenneth Low wins all-Malaysian men’s final. (July 5, 1999)


July 2 1999 WISPA World rankings: New Zealand’s Leilana Joyce up to #3 displacing Jackman. (July 1, 1999)


June 28 1999 US Girls in Newport: Michelle Quibell sends in a report on the training regimen of the US Girls team for Antwerp. (July 1, 1999)


July 1 1999 PSA Rankings: Jonathon Power solidifies his #1 ranking on strength of Libertel result. (July 1, 1999)


North American Junior Men’s Championships, Toronto: Updated and complete results including Dylan Patterson notes (July 1, 1999)


US Women’s Pan American Game Team Selected: Holleran, L Khan, S Khan, Belknap are selected, Beaver loses and appeal. Eben Hardie and Craig Brand explain the appeal decision to SquashTalk (June 29, 1999)


Japan Open June 25-27 1999: Suzanne Horner, Tommy Berden are winners. Report and draws. (June 28, 1999)


North American Junior Men’s Championships, Toronto: Under 19 (Canada I: Gold), under 16 (USA Gold) team results. Summary results (June 28, 1999)


North American Junior Men’s Championships, Toronto: Guiffre (Canada), Under 19, and Wadhwa (USA), under 16 win the individual crowns. Full draws (June 27, 1999)


New Harvard Coach: Satinder Bajwa (?) – no official confirmation yet. (June 23, 1999)


WISPA Visits Prague: Cassie Jackman and Natalie Grainger in exhibition.[Thanks to great photos from Tomas Barva, Prague] (June 22, 1999)


From Eben Hardie to USA squash players: Eben appeals for new volunteers for his grass-roots proposals. (June 22, 1999)


Drills for the summer from Cyrus Poncha Drills to work on your squash game, explained by Cyrus Poncha from Bombay. (June 21, 1999)


Upcoming tournament listing substantially updated (New global schedule received from WSF, PSA, WISPA on June 18). (June 21, 1999)


Libertel Open Photo montage and review online Photographs and a summary of the photographed matches recapture this memorable tournament in Maastricht, Holland. (June 20, 1999)


USA Women’s team trials page updated More photos and updated report on the USA team trials . (June 20, 1999)


James Baker & Assoc PSA Tourney Oklahoma City July 23-25 at the Santa Fe Club. Amateur divisions as well. (June 18, 1999)


Jahangir – Jansher head to head updated We believe that this is now a complete picture of their 37 matches in tournament play. (June 18, 1999)


WISPA Promotional tour of the Czech Republic Promoting women’s squash in the hot Czech squash market. (June 17, 1999)


Vanessa Atkinson ProfiledUp and coming WISPA player interviewed by Martin Bronstein in inauguration of a series of player interviews in SquashTalk. (June 17, 1999)


USA Women’s team trials Photos and report on the USA team trials from last weekend. (June 14, 1999)


New Squash Center opening in Dayton, USA New three-court club opening July ’99 Dayton Ohio: Website now live. (June 14, 1999)


Sabine Schoene Profiled WISPA player profiled by Howard Harding in inauguration of player profiles section of SquashTalk. (June 14, 1999)


Peter Nicol Awarded MBE Follows in Barrington’s footsteps with the award (June 12, 1999)


Malaysia’s Wong Ah Jit confident of team’s chances in Atwerp World Championships Reported in Malaysia The Star Online (June 10, 1999)


New photo content in SquashTalk photogallery 1995-96 pro tour action. (June 12, 1999)
Photos taken by Debra Tessier added to the gallery. Photo at right, (© 1995 Debra Tessier) is a strobe photo of pro Tim Long, taken on court with a black background. Tim has just been named to the USA men’s teams for the 1999 Pan Am Games and World Championships.


Global Gallery #6 by Martin Bronstein for June 99 Martin talk about Amsterdam, Maastricht, Power, White, Jansher, Hill, and more…(June 10, 1999)


USA Summer ’99 Adult camps Richard Millman will offer a series of adult weekend camps in Westchester (near NYC).


England Rankings June 99 Paul Johnson and Cassie Jackman still atop England rankings, despite Parke’s win over Johnson at the Libertel.


Mass Doubles 1999 Report North American doubles in Massachusetts – Tom Poor reports


The head-to-head record Complete statistics of Jonathon Power and Peter Nicol’s head to head meetings – Power has the edge today …


June 6 Power takes Libertel in MAASRICHT:dominates Nicol to punctuate his world number one ranking! … June 6 PSA press release on finals.


June 5 Semi-final news from MAASRICHT: Nicol, Power advance into finals. … June 6 PSA press release on semi-finals.


June 4 Quarterfinal news from MAASRICHT: The results and the weather, Nicol, Power advance into semis… June 4 PSA press release on day two.


June 3 FLASH FROM MAASRICHT: Jansher good but not good enough Jahsher’s fails in first comeback bid but encouraged.(added June 3rd)
and… June 3 First round scores from MAASRICHT plus… June 3 PSA First round recap


May 31 EXCLUSIVE: Barrington on Jansher in Maastricht Martin Bronstein interviews Jonah Barrington for SquashTalk on Jahsher’s comeback bid.(added June 1st)
"Is Jansher too old for a comeback?", in Thursday’s Frontier Post (Peshawar, PK) (added, 6.3.99


Letter: Chris Walker on British Open Sponsorship Chris appeals for help (added June 4th)


June 2 PSA Rankings: Unchanged – Power at 1 With no major tourneys in May, the rankings remain virtually unchanged
(added June 2nd)


June 2 Dunlop squash ball sales up 49%: with 90% market share, view is that popularity of the sport is surging
(added June 2nd)


New Zealand launches Squash Dynamics Ltd goal is to promote resurgance of squash by contruction of flexible-use ASB courts.
(added June 3rd)


The complete Libertel Open (Maastricht) info page: SquashTalk brings you a centralized information locator for the upcoming tourney, featuring the top 11 players and Jansher versus Jonathon Power in the first round. (added May 26th)


NOW on SquashTalk: Junior(girls) Worlds Antwerp Info Page. Single point of contact for junior teams update and info leading into Antwerp…


North American Junior Boys Teams, June 23-28 Toronto Information on the upcoming event (team deadlines this week)(link added June 1)


PSA May 28-30 France: many upsets!, Lincou wins David Palmer upsets Martin Heath, Tony Hand…
David Evans upset Paul Price…Julien Bonetat upset Amjad Khan! In the finals, Thierry Lincou beat David Palmer in a close five games (updated May 31st)


Historical: More on JK versus JK… Further contribution to the Jahangir vs Jansher comparison.


On the Olympic Trail: Columbia Jahangir heads for Colombia as part of effort build momentum for 2004 olympic bid. (link to The News International (Pk) added May 30)


Malaysian Juniors Finals: Nicol David too fit and too confident for Leong Siu Lynn. (added May 28th)


Dunlop Ball Announcement: Balls to ship in June. New line to start with "double yellow dot" for pro-level and include "increased hang time" balls. (added May 28th)


PSA, Egyptian sponsors reach agreement: Al-Ahram and world teams back-to-back in Egypt in September, 99. (added May 28th)


Ong Beng Hee wins second PSA tourney: Takes the PSA Castellanza Squash Open in Castellanza, Ital. (added May 27th)


Leong Siu Lynn meets Nicol David in Malaysia Juniors finals. No pressure on Siu Lynn. Strong Malaysian team for Antwerp shaping up. (added May 27th)


Australian junior news Australian girls beat New Zealand, and Australian team looks ahead to Antwerp. (link added May 28th)


Maastricht nears, Jansher confident: Top players all set to play the Libertel open. (added May 26th)


Jansher talks to Pakistan News: Expresses confidence regarding comeback chances at the Libertel open. (added May 25th)


HEY JUNIORS – LAST CHANCE! Are you a junior living in metro NY or Fairfield County? Here’s your chance to improve your squash in June with a new MSRA program! Deadline is today, Wednesday (reposted May 26th)


Nicol moves easily into quarters in Malaysia: Looks to match up against Leong Siu Lynn. (added May 26th)


Leong Siu Lynn on comeback trail: her rejuvination raises Malaysia’s hopes for Antwerp. (added May 26th)


Finland dominates Italy PSA event: Olli Tuominen wins. Ong Beng Hee loses in first round. (added May 24th)


Do you want to help sponsor WISPA Monaco Classic? WISPA is seeking several Pro/AM type sponsors. (added May 24th)


Hyder Trophy Tourney New York: Full results posted here now. Pro results already posted: Demer Holleran beat Ivy Pochoda in women’s pro finals , Angus Kirkland won the men’s pro over Mudge, but the big men’s pro news was that Mark Lewis (Boston, MA) defeated Rodney Eyles in the first round! (updated May 24th)


London Outdoor Superseries Venue: Photo of the arena online(added May 23th)


Visiting Palm Desert or Palm Springs? Play Squash at the Wise Sports Club (added May 23rd)


Yemen’s Waad Hamood: In training again? (added May 20th)


Upcoming Libertel Open in Maastricht: Jansher Khan to challenge Jonathon Power in first round. DUTCH LANGUAGE web link, click on "deelnemers" to see entry list. (added May 20th)


Jansher and Jahangir Head-to-head: An analysis of the rivalry researched by Martin Bronstein for SquashTalk.(added May 20th)


Jonathon Power profiled in London Reuters provides a brief view of the world number one player.(added May 20th)


WISPA Tourney, Mexico City Mexico Cassie Jackman wins Mexico City title over Linda Charman.(added May 19th)


Kenneth Low (Malaysia) in bid to improve fading position.(added May 20th)


Hyder Trophy Tourney New York: Full results will be posted here ON MAY 21. Pro results: Demer Holleran beat Ivy Pochoda in women’s pro finals , Angus Kirkland won the men’s pro over Mudge, but the big men’s pro news was that Mark Lewis (Boston, MA) defeated Rodney Eyles in the first round! (added May 19th)


Congratulations to David Powell of Alexandria Virginia! David Powell of the Army Navy Squash Club is the winner of the SquashTalk guest book March drawing for the IMASK eyeguard system. Enter the new drawing by signing SquashTalk’s guestbook. (added 5.01.99)


AON Pro/AM, Chatham Club NJ Results Damian Walker wins open division (link to NJ squash website) (added May 19th)


PSA Nova Friburgo Open, Rio, Brazil, Adrian Grant wins first PSA title, beats Stuart Cowie along the way.(added May 19th)


PSA Mega Italia Open, Brescia, Italy, David Palmer defeats Lee Beacham in the finals.(added May 16th)


PSA Super Series: Martin Bronstein reporting: Day 4: Nicol’s victory, Barada looks strong, Nicol maybe stronger, Referee helps.
PSA Super Series: Martin Bronstein reporting: Day 3: Power’s fall, Barada’s gain.
Martin’s report and frank observations on Day 2’s histrionics. (5.14.99)
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending May 14th:


Subscribe to the new SquashTalk E-letter: starting this weekend (introduced 5.14.99)


PSA Super Series: Friday’s final scores, Nicol beats Barada, Johnson gets third
also, PSA Super Series third day’s scores. (updated 5.14.99)


PSA Super Series: Martin Bronstein reporting: Day 3: Power’s fall, Barada’s gain.
Martin’s report and frank observations on Day 2’s histrionics. (5.13.99)


PSA Super Series second day’s scores. Power, Nicol, Barada, Johnson through to semis, Johnson gets (meaningless) win over Power. (updated 5.12.99)


PSA Super Series: Martin Bronstein reporting. Report and observations on Day 1 results. (5.11.99)
ALSO: PSA Super Series first day’s scores. Power, Nicol, Barada, Johnson win. (updated 5.11.99)


PSA Announces Executive Director Nimick’s resignation PSA begins search for a replacement for the highly effective Nimick. (updated 5.12.99)


Exhibition in Bolzano: Power shines in challenge format. Beats Italy, Sweden, Holland #1 players in Dunlop exhibition. (updated 5.10.99)


Leilani Joyce put New Zealand in the LightsJoyce wins Bright Lights WISPA open in Las Vegas!…defeats Cassie Jackman and Charman in turn. (All Americans fell in first round.) (updated 5.10.99)


Bolzano PSA Open, FinalsStewart BOSWELL bests Mark Cairns in finals. Two Frenchmen reached the semifinals, but Cairns and Boswell were too strong for them. (updated 5.10.99)


PSA Super Series in London this week. Preview and schedule of events. (updated 5.10.99)
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending May 7th:


British Open turns Scottish!…special Global Gallery from Martin Bronstein. (added 5.6.99)


1999 Canadian Championships: Jonathon Power, Marney Baizley Power wins a close one against sparring-partner Graham Ryding (added 5.6.99)


Demer’s win at Atlanta explained.…David Kennedy reports. (added 5.6.99)


NEWS FLASH!! Squash News ceases publication after 21 years.…leave field to Squash Magazine. (added 5.6.99)


Ajanpaino 1999 Finnish Open: New website recapping the event won by Omar Elborolossy (added 5.5.99)


WISPA Womens world rankings, May 1 1999Martin, Fitz-Gerald, Jackman, 1-2-3. (added 5.5.99)


PHOTO GALLERY for Mass State Championships 1999, Union Boat Club Boston.Vaughn Winchell photos. (added 5.5.99)


Martin Bronstein on-line again with his May Global Gallery. comments on the world masters, Euro championships, Stefan Castelyn, and more (added 5.3.99)


European Team Championships Linz 1999: Final results on Austrian SportsNet: England beats Scotland in men’s final; England overpowers Germany in women in finals. Holland picks up third place in women’s over Scotland. (updated 5.02.99)


WISPA Fuzzy Peach Atlanta, May 1-2.final results: Demer Holleran defeats Maha Zein from Egypt in finals. (added 5.3.99)


Mass State Championships 1999, Union Boat Club Boston.final results now posted. (added 5.3.99)


Jonathon Power Officially #1 in world: PSA confirms what we already knew. Big breakthrough for the Canadian! (added 4.30.99)


Printing House Tourney NYC. results now posted. (added 4.30.99)
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending April 30rd:


Martin on top of the World: Colin McQuillan, Reports. Special to SquashTalk from Hagharda, Egypt (added 4.28.99)


Squash E-mall:Six new online site added. (updated 4.28.99)


Canadian Junior Nationals in Ottawa: McDonald, Reta crowned, April 25th. (added 4.26.99)


First Czech Masters Results. Koukal, Smeralova are winners. (added 4.26.99)


Grinham upsets Schoene in German WISPA event. Rachel Grinham, a former world junior champion from Australia, disappointed local Sabine Schoene in this weekend’s WISPA event. (added 4.26.99)


With a lot at stake, Greek open finals exciting. Chaloner upsets Heath in five, and Geaves nips Jane Martin for English double, as Jahangir hosts Olympic reception. (added 4.26.99)


Garner and Charman take Sussex County championships. Boston Harvard Club’s Angus Kirkland loses in semis. (added 4.26.99)


SRA Announces British European teams lineups. Scotland and England both boasting strong lineups. (added 4.26.99)


IS THIS NEWS OR SHOW ? Power and Dunlop push new "heavyweight" format as power challenges several national #1 players. (added 4.26.99)


NEW Squashtalk guestbook: Based on your many comments, we have changed to a viewable guestbook. Feel free to sign again! (updated 4.22.99)


PIA Pakistan Open: Jansher quietly on comeback trail? Jansher, after an eight month layoff, easily reaches finals; falls short against nephew Amjad Khan (link to the Frontier Post Online). Also plan to try comeback starting in Holland. also, [read Dawn online version] (added 4.20,21.99)


Jonathon Power in Yellowknife, NWT: ("Jamie Crombie’s Excellent Adventure"). A fun story of an exhibition in the far North, with pictures (added 4.16.99) (From Squash NWT)


The Black Ball Rap! SquashTalk adds a new literary form… Squash POEM by Ken Anlovitch". (added 4.14.99)


REMINDER: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, seeks new Head Coach of Men’s Squash for its prestigious squash program. ADDED: 4.1.99
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending April 23rd:


Nottingham wins SRA England League Finals: Parke, Evans, Beachill, Charman win. (added 4.21.99)


WSF focuses on Greek Open in Olympic push: Strong field and WSF luminaries on hand. (added 4.21.99)


Malaysia men and women pro tourney: Beng Hee and Senga Macfie victorious Report of final from Star of Malasia online ; Local juniors star Beng Hee upsets Ben Gould then defeats local nemesis Kenneth Low to claim his first PSA title at 19. Senga Macfie handles Natalie Grinham in women’s finals. (link updated 4.19.99)


Martin defeats Owens in 4 games in Egypt: Brings home Grand Prix title, her 50thWISPA win. Jackman takes third place. (updated 4.19.99)


SRA England League Finals: Parke, Garner, Beachill, Cowie, Bailey, Charman all in the line-up for the final of the England Elite League playoffs April 20th, ’99. (added 4.19.99)


Results of the 1999 Tennessee Open are now online. (added 4.19.99)


Mens Pro Super Series Finals in London. Equitable Life sponsors May 11-14 tourney. (updated 4.16.99)


Boost for Malasian junior teams: Malasian Squash Association negotiating to secure Jahangir Khan as consultant coach. (updated 4.15.99)


Massachusetts State Women’s Championship 1999: Results.Concord Ma, April 10-11. (added 4.16.99)
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending April 16th:


Rob Dinerman’s View: On the hardball road at the US Nationals, Boston. (added 4.15.99)


WISPA Grand Prix finals start tomorrow: Preview with lineups. (updated 4.14.99)


April 30- May 2 at 86st St NYSC: New York First Annual Junior Championships – sign up now with Kenny Scher 718-237-2450 (updated 4.14.99)


Joe Kneipp, Tania Bailey are winners at the Duffield Morson International, Duffield, Derbyshire, England. (updated 4.12.99)


David Palmer reaches the finals of the Finnish Open against Omar Elolorossy, after upsetting Dan Jenson in the semis. (added 4.11.99)


WISPA: Charman upsets Fitz-Gerald, Martin cruises Linda Charman, number 11th ranked WISPA player, scored a major upset in the first round of a WISPA Grand Prix event in Germany this weekend. Michelle Martin overcame Cassie Jackman in the finals after losing the first game. (updated 4.13.99)
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending April 9th:


Next weekend in New York! . April 16-19 The Printing House Grand Fling, deadline 4.13.99, call Chris Widney at 212-243-7600 x287 (added 4.8.99)


Who is Martin Bronstein? A brief profile of Martin Bronstein will give you some insight into this terrific squash reporter. (added 4.7.99)


SquashTalk squash photos now are being compiled into the PHOTOGALLERY pages of SquashTalk – check it out! . (added 4.7.99)


Squash beats Pro Football to Hartford: A Personal View of the US Nationals by Ron Beck. (added 4.6.99)


England wins the European Junior Team Championships in Vienna, over finalist Spain. (added 4.6.99)


April 1999 PSA Men’s pro rankings: Peter Nichol is still #1, but barely holds his lead against Jonathon Power. Next month, with the British Open not taking place, Power is set to move into the #1 position. (added 4.4.99)


1999 Mass Junior League Knockout Cup, March 28th: Squashbusters Win! Photos and results here. (added 4.4.99)


1999 Ajanpaino Finnish Open, running the 7th to 12th of April: Draws are now posted online.(added 4.2.99)


Martin Bronstein’s Global Gallery #2! Martin brings us up to date on news, gossip, and opinions on the world squash scene (added 4.2.99)


New product on the squash scene: The Squash Cannon from Calgary, Canada. A new squash ball practice machine with lots of bells and whistles. Check it out on their website. (added 4.2.99)
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending April 2th:


US National Doubles Results, March 26-28 1999, Germantown PA USA, Results Now Posted Here (added 4.1.99)


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, seeks new Head Coach of Men’s Squash for its prestigious squash program. ADDED: 4.1.99


European Juniors Championships: UK scores a double, winning both the boys and girls, Belgian upsets seeds, reaches girls finals: Results on Squashplayer Magazine web site. UDATED: 3.31.99


Too much globe-trotting? Simon Parkes defeats Jonathan Power twice in two nights! Jonathan Power lost twice, both times in five games, though the "Rest of the World" squad won all three "test matches" by scores of 2-1. Sarah Fitz-Gerald won all three of her matches. Johnathan had been coming off a grueling travel schedule.(added 3-28)


The Dunlop SRA Test series will get underway the weekend of 3.26.99-3.28.99. Lee Beachill has been selected to join the British team, capping a dramatic return to squash after grave injury. SRA Press release added: 3.24.99
Line-ups announced for each of the three venues. (added 3-26)
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending March 26th:


New article on selecting squash racquets. The many factors going into selecting a racquet are discussed. ADDED: 3.24.99


Czech National Championships. Jan Koukal and Jana Smeralova win 1999 national titles. ADDED: 3.22.99


US Nationals: Great Photo Montage of the event, also
Summary results for all divisions , also
Detailed results for all divisions and all matches. Updated: 3.23.99


Rob Dinerman writes about the fiftieth anniverary Woodruff-Nee hardball event in Washington DC. ADDED: 3.23.99


SquashTalk introduces a new regular feature: Pro Tips to improve your game from Bombay, India coach, Cyrus Poncha. Cyrus comes from the hotbed of squash in India, Bombay. Cyrus has worked effectively with many juniors in India and has developed his own coaching website. Cyrus is now providing squash tips, for your benefit, on SquashTalk. ADDED: 3.15.99
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending March 19th:


WISPA Toulouse France Open Tournament, results from weekend of 3.12.99-3.14.99 ADDED: 3.15.99


PSA results from Austrian Open 99: Qualifier Scott Handley shocks the field. 3.12.99-3.14.99 ADDED: 3.15.99


Unites States Closed Juniors Championships 1999, Princeton NJ, from 3.11-14.99: COMPLETE results and photo gallery posted. UPDATED: 3.14.99


British Columbia, Canada, Championships Results, Vancouver BC., Jan 22-24 1999 results posted ADDED: 3.14.99


A great new regular feature is being introduced to SquashTalk: Martin Bronstein writes a new internet column, "From the Global Gallery" — news and views about the world of squash. Martin is a well-known squash journalist from the UK. ADDED: 3.9.99


The SquashTalk Squash Camps Directory, 1999, has been substantively updated – take a new look at it. UPDATED: 3.11.99
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending March 12th:


California State Doubles Championships, at U Club San Francisco, from 3.5-7.99: final results posted ADDED: 3.11.99


A great new regular feature is being introduced to SquashTalk: Martin Bronstein writes a new internet column, "From the Global Gallery" — news and views about the world of squash. Martin is a well-known squash journalist from the UK. ADDED: 3.9.99


The SquashTalk Squash Camps Directory, 1999, has been substantively updated – take a new look at it. UPDATED: 3.11.99


Mass Closed Junior Championships 1999, results from weekend of 3.5.99-3.7.99 ADDED: 3.8.99


Woodruff Nee Tournament, including many age-group divisions, softball and hardball, at U Club of Washington DC, from 2.19-21.99: complete results posted ADDED: 3.11.99


Rob Dinerman’s new columns are online, reporting on hardball events in Atlantic City and the Eastern State Championships at the Yale Club, New York. ADDED: 3.8.99


WISPA Denver Colorado Berger Funds "Art of Squash" tournament, results from weekend of 3.5.99-3.7.99 ADDED: 3.8.99


PSA and WISPA Swiss Open, results from weekend of 3.5.99-3.7.99 ADDED: 3.7.99


Windy City Open, Chicago USA, results from weekend of 3.5.99-3.7.99 ADDED: 3.5.99


Sy Perkins, large juniors event in Northern NJ, results now posted. 10 divisions, tournament was Feb 19-21. Added: 3.5.99
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending March 5th:


SquashTalk site design feedback wanted! If you are having any problems with the viewing of any pages or navigation of SquashTalk please send mail to Ronbeck@squashtalk.com. With its fast growth, we are considering some designs to make it easier to get around – your ideas, complaints, thoughts are wanted!. Added: 3.4.99


!! Its Trinity !! : Trinity College wins US Mens intercollegiates, breaking an 18-year Ivy stranglehold. Added: 2.28.99


SRA and Dunlop announce a three-leg team challenge event in the UK. UK versus "Rest-of-world" event, featuring Jonathan Power, but not including Nicol or Barada, to "substitute" for British Open ADDED: 3.3.99


PSA releases its March men’s world rankings and Peter Nichol maintains the number one ranking over Jonathan Power. ADDED: 3.1.99


WISPA News: March 1st world rankings and results of the Finnish WISPA event are posted. Martin, Fitz-Gerald are 1-2, L Khan(USA) in top 25. ADDED: 3.1.99


Woodruff Nee Washington DC results have been received and will be posted 3.5.99 ADDED: 3.2.99


WISPA Evergreen, Colorado, Tournament Joyce defeats Atkinson in an Australian – Dutch finals of the Evergreen Colorado WISPA event, USA. ADDED: 3.1.99


US National Hardball results of the final rounds in Boston ADDED: 3.1.99


SESRA Championships, Feb 26-28 in Atlanta GA, results on the SESRA website ADDED: 3.1.99


Taft dominates New England interscholastic squash championships in Hartford; but US newcomer Bikram Uberoi (St. Georges school and Bombay, India) defeats Nick Kyme (Taft School and Bermuda) in finals. Groton and Belmont Hill Schools finish strongly, tied at #2. Added: 2.28.99
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending Feb 26th:


A new Canadian article, profiling World Champion Jonathan Power, has been published in Saturday Night magazine and posted on the Squash Canada web pages.This straight-shooting article is both interesting and revealing. Added: 2.26.99


Germain Glidden, three time US amateur squash champion and famous squash artist, died last week. A memorial is in SquashTalk. Added: 2.26.99


US National Juniors, March 12, Starting Times USSRA has posted the starting times for the National Juniors in Princeton. Posted by USSRA: 2.25.99


Eye protection for squash and how to handle an eye injury. Just in from Dr. John Minkowski! John is a squash player who practices opthalmology and who has a growing specialization in eye traumas. John discusses the reasons for considering wearing eye guards, the technology, and medical care for on-court eye injuries. Added: 2.25.99


highlights and results from University Club Boston tourney, Feb 19-21. This was a great tourney, highlighted by strong performances of Denison’s Arif Paul and Belmont Hill’s Pat Malloy in the open 5.5 draw; and by Courtnay Power in the men’s 4.5 draw. Added: 2.24.99


Results have been received from the Yale Club New York Eastern States tourney. This masters event attracted squash luminaries Jay Nelson, Henri Salaun, Del Fuller, John Frazier, John Wheeler, and others These are now posted. Added: 2.24.99


Juniors from the Pacific Northwest gathered in Seattle Washington last weekend to play out the Seattle 1999 Juniors Event in 6 divisions. Results posted here. ADDED: 2.22.99


WISPA Sonderborg, Denmark, Tournament Results: Although many of the top WISPA players chose not to travel to Denmark for this event, the tournament showed the emergence of Pamela Nimmo, who upset several higher ranked women on her way to her first WISPA title. Ivy Pochoda from the US competed, but lost in the round of 16 ADDED: 2.21.99


Colleges page is updated.including an article on the Howe cup this weekend and some commentary and photos from the Howe cup has been added on a separate page [ Howe cup comments ] including links to draws and results. UPDATED: 2.22.99


Interscholastic Boys Poll, Feb 22th 1999. This new, third poll offers shows further insight into the Philadelphia and New England teams based on the latest match results and coaches input. UPDATED: 2.15.99
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending Feb 19th:


A new media section has been added. This page will point you to interesting articles and media coverage of squash worldwide. An interesting New York Times article is included here. ADDED: 2.18.99


Women’s squash pages now have content. The women’s squash section of SquashTalk is beginning to build up. We now have some WISPA tournament information (and are looking for additional information and contributions.) ADDED: 2.17.99


WISPA MS Chicago Tournament Results: Cassie Jackman returned to WISPA action in strong form, ousting USA #1’s Latasha Khan in the finals. A number of amateur and junior flights were also contested at the University Club in Chicago, IL USA. ADDED: 2.14.99


Newport is always one of the most popular venues for tournament-goers in the USA, though not usually in mid-winter. Newport Squash has created a unique cachet around their annual "Icicle" tournament. This year they added an open (international) doubles division, which was won by Paul and Wendy Ansdell. Singles results posted here ADDED: 2.16.99


Summer Squash Camps Directory updated.. The camps directory has been updated with more detail on a few camps, some new entries, and some online application forms. UPDATED: 2.13.99


Hartford Golf Club Junior Open, Feb 13th 1999. About 120 juniors converged on Hartford Connecticut, not far from Mark Twain’s residence, to battle it out in the last "Junior Tour" event before the US Junior Nationals. The juniors were pleased to be playing in the venue of the vaunted US#1 Trinity College 9. ADDED: 2.13-15.99
What was new in SquashTalk the week ending Feb 12th:


PSA Antwerp Tournament: Results from the Esso Open this weekend. Jonathan Power defends his current unbeaten streak. The tournament is absent Peter Nicol (from Scotland) and Ahmed Barada (from Egypt) UPDATED: 2.12.99


College Results last weekend. Harvard-Trinity, Princeton-Yale. In front of large and exciting crowds, college squash presented some drama and high quality play as Trinity outclassed Harvard in front of an estimated 1400 and Yale edged Princeton. UPDATED: 2.12.99


New Column: Coaching – Finding the right coach. Why all players should seek out coaching, how to get the most from your lessons. ADDED: 2.10.99
What was new in SquashTalk the week of Feb 8th:


New Article: Squash in the Czech republic. Here is a brief report on the phenomenal growth that squash has experienced in the Czech republic since 1989. Also A listing of all squash clubs in the Czech republic has been added. ADDED: 2.7.99

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