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A Brief Glimpse at Columnist Martin Bronstein
  ©1999-2006 SquashTalk

About Martin Bronstein

Martin Bronstein is an insightful and respected observer of the sport of Squash. Bronstein's background has included a stint as editor of Squash Player Magazine as well as serving as squash journalist for respected newspapers in Canada and the UK. SquashTalk asked Martin Bronstein to tell us about himself:

Martin was born in London in 1935. He moved to Canada and spent 23 years there as an adman, broadcaster, and newspaper columnist and satirist.

He founded Canada's first improvisational comedy troup, THE JEST SOCIETY. This later was renamed the Air Farce when it made it onto CBC radio in 1972, and the show is still running.

After four years with the troupe, Bronstein left to pursue journalism... and to discover squash.

He covered his first tournament in 1979 and was one of the few journalists to become familiar with both the hardball and softball games.

Bronstein returned to the UK in 1982 to take up the editorship of The Squash Player International magazine, a post he held for three years. Bronstein has showed his versatility, writing on squash, rackets, court tennis, table tennis and badminton for British National newspapers and Toronto papers. He is also continues to be a frequent contributor to Squash Player and to Squash Magazine in the USA.

In addition to being an avid squash player, Martin Bronstein is a mad jazz fan and plays flute and clarinet. We look forward many more hears of enjoying his wit, insight and unparalleled tournament coverage on SquashTalk!

You can reach Martin Bronstein by email in the UK.

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