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Big Day for American Women
Feb 1, 2005, by Ron Beck, SquashTalk,
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Lily Lorentzen and Louisa Hall Advance in Poughkeepsie Qualifying

Louisa Hall (USA), right, advanced in first day qualifying action
(Photo © 2005 by Stockton Photo Inc)

Louisa Hall (#76 in the world,) who recently concluded her illustrious college career at Harvard, and Lily Lorentzen (#61 in the world,) who has put her Harvard entrance on hold for the time being, both had big wins in first day qualifying today at Poughkeepsie New York.

Today, only two matches were played in the qualifying bracket but they both involved American players. This 10-player bracket produces 4 winners who then advance to the main tournament bracket of 16.

Lily Lorentzen (USA), foreground, defeated Jenna Saxby
(Photo © 2005 by Stockton Photo Inc)

Lily Lorentzen (USA) defeated Jemma Saxby (Aus):
Lorentzen, a recent graduate of Greenwich High School, CT and in her first year competing on the WISPA tour, played with maturity beyond her years. Her power and athleticism posed problems for a combative Saxby. The Australian says she is not fully recovered from a recent bout of shin splints, but she put up a gutsy performance.

Louisa Hall (USA) defeated Lisa Camilleri (Aus):
Harvard's former number 1 player, Louisa Hall, got the benefit of a couple of close let calls and in the end overcame Australian Lisa Camilleri. Both are in their first year of the WISPA tour on a full time basis, and there was plenty at stake. The rallies were spirited and had pace, but Hall was the more consistent shot maker overall.

Hall looked strong coming off of her weekend in Pennsyvania.
(Photo © 2005 by Stockton Photo Inc)

It was a particulary satisfying win for Hall, since she had just concluded playing in a mandatory US women team selection event at Merion, Pennsylvania on Monday evening.

It's not every day of the week that the world's top players of a sport descend on the banks of the Hudson river in Poughkeepsie, NY. But this week, at Vassar College, there's the chance to watch the very best that the game of squash can offer.

MAIN DRAW PREVIEW             [draw]
The Women's International Squash Players Association (WISPA) is staging the tournament for the 5th time at Kenyon Hall on the Vassar Campus. Seven of the world's top 20 players are here. Before you dismiss attending, just think, it's free. On any one of the next 5 days, you'll see some incredible athletes at close quarters.

The 2005 event includes World #5 Natalie Grainger (USA), plus the 2004 finalists, Omneya Abdel Kawy (Egypt) and Fiona Greaves (Eng). If Grainger advances, she will meet Abdel Kawy in this year's semi final. Abdel Kawy, who is currently ranked world #7 has the front court game to potentially give Grainger a very stiff test. Grainger can be expected to deploy her power game in an attempt to keep Kawy off balance.

In the other half of the draw, Isabelle Stoehr, who gave Linda Elriani a strong fight last week should be the favorite over #2 seed Fiona Geaves, who may not have the reserves to keep up with Stoehr's all court game.

Vassar Class of '32 WISPA Open

Qualifying Day One Results:

Lily Lorentzen (USA) def Jemma Saxby (AUS) 9-6 9-1 9-1
Louisa Hall (USA) def Lisa Camerilli (AUS) 9-6 9-7 5-9 9-4

Lily Lorentzen (USA) (right) advances
(Photo © 2005 by Stockton Photo Inc)

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