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Roshan Khan, Great Champion, Dies
By SquashTalk News, Jan 8, 2006   
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Goodbye to a Great Figure in Squash

day two
Roshan Khan in 1957 .
(photo © 2006 SquashTalk Archives)

Squash World Mourns Roshan Khan

Roshan Khan, one of the "great three" cousins - Hashim, Azam and Roshan - has died after a long illness in Pakistan.  The 78-year-old suffered a stroke last year and had been in a coma for some time.

day two
Roshan Khan won the British Open despite a blow to the face. (photo © 2006 SquashTalk archives)

One of the important pioneers of the game in Pakistan, Roshan Khan came to international prominence in 1957 when he won the British Open, avenging the defeat by his famous cousin Hashim Khan in the previous year’s final. Roshan was also the finalist in 1960. Roshan also joined Hashim and Azam in domination of the North American Hardball circuit at the time. Roshan won the North American Open in 1958, 1960 and 1961.

In contrast to Hashim, who parlayed his British Open dominance in the 50s into a second career in the US (currently Denver), and Azam, who made his home in London, Roshan always remained in Pakistan. In that sense, he became more influential over the development and long term flourishing of squash in Pakistan over a longer period of time. Of course, his most important influence was without a doubt as the father of the greatest champion, Jahangir Khan, and the also great player, Jahangir's older brother Torsham.

Roshan is survived by his widow Bibi Ayesha, daughter Dilshad, and sons Hasan Khan and Jahangir Khan - the squash legend who won the British Open a record 10 times and is now the President of the World Squash Federation.

“We extend our sympathies to Jahangir and his family at this sad time,” said WSF Chief Executive Christian Leighton.

"As a long-time friend of the Khan family, I extend my greatest respect for the life and accomplishments of Roshan Khan." said SquashTalk publisher, Ron Beck. "He was a great man who passed on to several generations of Pakistanis the characteristics of excellence, extreme effort, sportsmanship at the highest level, and a love for the game. We mark this week the passing of a great figure in the sport"

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day two
Roshan Khan with Mo Khan. (photo © 2006 SquashTalk archives)


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