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learn squash USA Five Man Teams 2008 [see "B" draw]
Yale Payne Whitney Gym, New Haven CT
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Dec 12 - Dec 14, 2008
 [Note: Lineups not shown in final order]
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Fri Dec 12
Round 0f 16

Sat Dec13
Sat Dec 13
Sun Dec 14
[1] Hartford (Liam Kenny, Reggie Schonborn, Ben Gould, Mick Robberds, Matt Jensen, Robby Lingashi)

[1] Hartford (bye)

Hartford 5-0


Team Hartford 5-0. 
L. Kenney beat KL Wong 3-1
R Schonborn beat C Callis 3-0
B Gould beat Pe Sopher 3-0
M Robberds beat Ph Sopher 3-0
R Langashi beat C Blackstone 3-1

Team Hartford 4-1. 
L. Kenney bt J Illingworth 3-2
R Schonborn bt G Lane 3-1
B Gould lost to G Webber 0-2 ret.
M Robberds beat J Musto 3-0
M Jensen beat N Chirls 3-0

Yale Alumni (Rusty Feldman, Ryan Byrnes, Joseph Cohen, Trevor Rees, Brad Hathaway, Moshe Safarty)

Sons 5-0
[1. Gary Power def Ryan Byrnes 3-0
2. Brandon McLaughlin def Trevor Rees 3-0
3. Alex Ma def Joe Cohen 3-1
4. Dylan Murray def Rusty Feldman 3-2
5. Mark Funk def. Brad Halloway 3-0

Sons (Gary Power, Brandon McLaughlin, Alex Ma, Dylan Murray, Mark Funk)
[5] Princeton (Kimlee Wong, Chris Callis, Peter Sopher, Phlip Sopher, Clay Blackstone)

Princeton (bye)

Princeton 4-1

[4] Team Chen (NY) (Ben Oliner, Eric Christianson, Eduardo Borges, Rob Chen, William Cheng, Jamal Callendar)

Team Chen (bye)

[3] Harvard Club (NY) (Yasser El Halaby, Chris Gordon, Richard Chin, Dylan Patterson, Dave Barry, Jason Machas)

Harvard Club (bye)

Harvard Club 5-0

Team Ketchum 3-2
J Illingsworth (K) beat Y El Halaby (HC) 3-0
G Lane (K) beat C Gordon (HC) 3-0
G Webber (K) lost to R Chin (H) 3-0
J Schwartz (K) lost to D Patterson (HC) 3-1
N Chirls (K) beat D Barry (HC) 3-1

[6] CityView (NY) (Mike Weston, Zeke Scherl, Jake Ervasty, Eli Snyder, Catherine MacLeod)

CityView (bye)

Yale Club A (Aaron Fuchs, John Fulham, Todd Ruth, Naishadh Lalwani, John Roberts, Robbie Berner, Rusty Feldman)

Yale A 3-2
[ 1) Todd Ruth (A) lost to John Fulham (B)
2) Naishadh Lalwani (A) beat (CJ Plimpton) (B)
3) Colin Campbell (A) lost to (Robbie Berner) (B)  
4) Francis Johnson (A) beat Sam Clayman (B)
5) Mike Maruca (A) beat Chris Reed (B) ]

Team Ketchum 4-1
Yale Club B (Campbell Colin, Francis Johnson, CJ Plimpton, Mike Maruca, Bill Hatch, Sam Clayman, Chris Reed)
[2] Team Ketcham
[2] Team Ketcham (Julian Illingworth, Gilly Lane, Gareth Webber, Josh Schwartz, John Musto, Nick Chirls, Terence Li)

: Princeton bt Harvard Club 5-0 ( K L Wong def R Chin 3-2, C CAllis def D Patterson 11-7 12-10 11-7. Peter Sopher def J Michas 12-10 11-6 11-7, Phillip Sopher def D Barry 11-3 11-4 12-10, C Blackstone w by def.) All materials © 1999-2008. Communicate with us at
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