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Squash in Pakistan
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Incredible Khans
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Khan Family
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vs JK head to head


Jahangir in 2001



Pakistan Squash

These web pages present the past,
present, and future of Pakistani Squash.

Squash and Pakistan are inextricably
linked. The Khan extended family, Hashim, Azam, Roshan, and Nazrullah, emerged
onto the world scene to bring squash to new levels of excellence at the same
moment that the nation of Pakistan came into being.

Because of the vision of several prominant
Pakistanis, such as Nur Khan of PIA, squash in Pakistan grew to be much more
than just one family, but to encompass an entire tradition of excellence and
creativity, such that one nation came to totally dominate the sport for many

I would like to thank several of my
good friends and acquaintances, Arif Sarfraz, Sharif and Gul Khan, and Sakhi
Khan for access to their photographs and information; and especially to Jahangir
Khan for the Khan family photographs.

Sincerely, Ron Beck, Squashtalk

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Hashim Khan, 7 timest British Open
Champion, tries the Masters in 1990 (photo © Stephen
J Linel)

Pakistan I versus Pakistan II in
From left, Mohibullah
Jr/Gogi/Torsam/Sajjid Munir/Omer Zarad/Qamar Zaman/Nur Khan/Hashim/Manzur Awan
(PAF)/Abdul Rehuan/Maqsood Ahmed/Saleem/Atlas Khan

(photo © 2000 Squashtalk, Jahangir Khan collection)
always rose to the occasion at the BritishOpen with domination and grace. (photo
by Fritz Borchert)

Roshan, Azam and Mo, all British
Open winners. (photo © 2000 Squashtalk, Jahangir Khan Collection)

Khan hands off dominance in North America to Sharif Khan at the North American

Jahangir Khan (10x British Open winner) against Janshers(photo Courtesy
Jahangir Khan ©2000 Squashtalk
followed Hashim with four British Open victories.(Khan family photo courtesy
talented but enigmatic Jansher Khan took home six British Open crowns before
succombing to knee ailments.
Khan – a great squash talent, and Jahangir’s brother, died tragically on court
in the Australian Open, 1979(photo © Stephen
J Linel)

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