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Introducing Laurens Jan
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Players’ Perspective: Introducing Laurens-Jan

By Ron Beck © Dec 10, 2005
SquashTalk LLC

Our newest Player – Contributor …

… We know that the SquashTalk web audience out there
likes to have the player’s perspective. The challenge for us, who edit
and publish SquashTalk, is who do we recruit to write for us and why.

In the case of the Kneipp’s, it’s easy. The two Kneipp
brothers have lots to say, they are accomplished writers, the two of
them get bored just sitting around venues at squash tourneys, and Joe
is an established PSA star: electric on court and times, interesting
on court most times, and a character always.

… A Good win for Laurens-Jan in St Louis… (photo © Debra
Tessier )

In the case of Laurens Jan, it was a bit of a gamble.
A less known player, not yet a star, an unknown quantity as a writer
(especially in English). But what we wanted was the perspective of a
young, up-and-coming star. Someone totally dedicated to the PSA "game."

It turns out, it wasn’t much of a gamble after all. "LJ",
as the squash world knows him, turns out to be an excellent writer in
English, understands the web format, has a great sense of humor, and
has interesting and new things to say.

So welcome as a regular web correspondent, LJ!

Actually, as it turns out, I’ve known LJ for quite some
time. Since 1992, to be exact, way before he was even playing squash
seriously (see newest article, just published).
I met LJ since he was an elementary school and high school classmate
of my son in The Hague, Holland. So I had a pretty good inner feeling
this was going to work out.

By the way, I used to play squash regularly with LJ’s
dad, Robert-Jan, many times Dutch champion. My first game with Lauren
Jan, I think he was about 14 at the time, was a bit of an eye opener
even then. He had started hanging out at the club a lot, even though
tennis was still his main sport back then. One day I had played around
a number of games with some guys and was done. LJ was hanging eagerly
around and came up to me. "Do you want to play a few points?" he insisted.
Next thing I knew, I had lost six points in a row to this (at
the time) "little" guy.

Now he’s on his way in the pro game. And judging from
his collection of good wins to date, his dedication and focus, and his
sense of perspective expressed in his SquashTalk articles, he can go
far. Good luck LJ.

[All of LJ’s published columns]


… LJ uses his size and reach to good effect …
(photo © Debra
Tessier )







Jan Anjema:
PSA Ranking 11-1-2008: #14

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