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Jack Fairs:
Four Decades of Coaching at Western Ontario

Won 31 Ontario Team Titles,
Coached Mohtadi, Dulmage, Stonburgh …


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March 20, 2004, By SquashTalk © 2004 SquashTalk

Jack Fairs
was elected to the CSA Hall of Fame in 2004. He is still coaching the
UWO Team.

Jack Fairs: Perennial Presence at

Jack Fairs has
worked at the University of Western Ontario for over half a century as
a teacher, mentor, researcher and coach. He is well known and respected
for his extensive contributions in physical education and coaching, particularly
in the sport of squash. He retired in 1988 but still continues to coach
squash at his alma mater where he is professor emeritus of kinesiology.

Commitment to
coaching has been a hallmark of his distinguished career. Incredible as
it may seem today, he played and coached five sports during his lifetime:
football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and squash. Even more he produced
nationals champions in tennis, football and squash. In squash, for example,
CSA Hall of Famer Phil Mohtadi won three Canadian Open hardball championships
(1976, 1977, 1980) and Scott Dulmage won the US National hardball championships
(1988). Both Mohtadi (1976) and Dulmage (1989) won the US Intercollegiate
championships. Cornell coach Scott Stoneburgh captured three Canadian
Open Hardball Championships (1991,1992,1993).

knows Jack best for the record setting play of the UWO squash team. Since
1970 his teams have won 31 team titles and 21 singles titles in Ontario
University Athletics (OUA) play. Their record of 21 consecutive team and
31 titles overall make them the most successful team in UWO history.

During his tenure
UWO has ranked in the upper echelon of US intercollegiate squash. It won
team titles (in 1977 and 1980) and singles titles in 1976 (Phil Mohtadi)
and 1989 (Scott Dulmage). Team members have earned All-American honors
and have been named to numerous All-Tournament teams. It is recognized
that membership in this association has profoundly influenced the quality
and vitality of the UWO squash program.

honors and awards document his commitment to excellence in coaching and
in promoting the game of squash. Among them are the 1979 Distinguished
Service Award of the Canadian Squash Racquets Association, the 1984 Special
Achievement Award of Squash Ontario, the 1986 Distinguished Service Award
of Squash Canada for outstanding contributions to the Promotion and Development
of Squash in Canada as a Coach, the 1991 Sportsman of the Year Award for
the City of London, the 1993 Special Citation of Squash Canada for contributions
to the hardball game. Canada officially designated 1989-90 as the Year
of the Coach. In recognition of his work, Fairs received various awards
including the Dedicated Coaching Service Award of Squash Canada, the 2M
Coaching Canada Award and the Canadian Football League (CFL) medallion
and Coaching Achievement Certificate. In 1997 NISRA established Lifetime
Achievement Award. Jack Fairs was the first recipient. Jack’s multi-sport
career has already conferred him Hall of Fame recognition. Inductions
include “W” Club Hall of Fame (1991), London Sports Hall of
Fame (2002) and Chatham Sports Hall of Fame (2003).

On receiving
word of this award, Fairs said, “I have always cherished my association
and friendship with CSA and its coaches. The organization has enhanced
the development of intercollegiate squash and provided opportunities for
its student/athletes to be involved in a lifetime sport. To be recognized
by this fine organization for my years as a coach at The University of
Western Ontario is indeed very special. I am very appreciative of this
award and honoured to be added to such a distinguished list of past recipients”.

As a teacher
and coach, Jack Fairs, has few equals. His work has enriched the lives
of countless student/athletes. Plato said “those having torches
will pass them onto others” and Jack has done that with enthusiasm
and dedication. He has been a role model, par excellence, for aspiring
teachers and coaches and continues his commitment to advancing the game
of squash.

Honors and Awards
Given to Jack Fairs:

1979 Distinguished
Service Award of the Canadian Squash Racquets Association

1984 Special
Achievement Award of Squash Ontario

1986 Distinguished
Service Award of Canadian Squash Racquets Association for outstanding
contributions to the Promotion and Development of Squash in Canada as
a Coach

1989 (Year of
the Coach)
Medallion and Coaching Achievement Certificate of the Canadian Football
League in recognition of the Year of the Coach

3M Coaching
Canada Award

1990 Dedicated
Coaching Service Award of Squash Canada

1991 “W”
Club Hall of Fame (builder legend)

Sportsman of
the Year Award for the City of London

1993 Special
Citation of Squash Canada for contributions to the hardball game

1997 National
Intercollegiate Squash Racquets Association (NISRA) Lifetime Achievement
Award (first recipient)

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