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Nov 26, 2009.        [also read: Klipstein’s letter to his board]

In response to Ron Beck’s article on USA Adult Squash Action Plan :

Dear Editor,

The problem lies with the current values of  ‘Why we play squash?’

(a) To get into College is NOT a good reason to play squash!
(b) To please the parents is NOT a good reason to play squash!

2. Good reasons to play squash are as follows.

(a) It is one of the best ways to keep healthy.
(b) It is more fun than time spent on a treadmill.
(c) The camaraderie that squash encompasses will stay with you forever.
(d) Squash is physical and yet an intelligent sport for the masses.

Having coached at high profile clubs and schools leaves me in NO doubt that very few pupils play squash for the love of the game.

I never in ten years in and around greenwich (hotbed of junior squash) did witness any juniors playing each other for fun or practising on their own. 

The only time they ever played was when it was Mandatory at school or by their parents!!

That alone is not a good basis for success. 

I do NOT see any success stories coming out of Greenwich or New York or any other high profile clubs/schools in which juniors quit squash either after leaving high school or college (Julian Illingworth aside).

I am still playing at 62 and still enjoy every game played, and never once had someone tell me when and where to play.

The USSRA/PSA/WSF need to promote the healthy way of living on a squash court and that Squash can be played for many years.

You must remember the article from Forbes magazine a few years back that rated Squash as the healthiest sport in the World. Then that is the way to promote this great game.

Squash should easily overcome the treadmills and health clubs with that Forbes article coming to the fore.

My local club in England has seen a resurgence of squash and went from approximately one dozen players to 200 this year!

It was down purely to enthusiasm and spreading the gospel of the health benefits of squash by yours truly.

Jack L Halford