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Nov 28, 2009.

In response to Ron Beck’s article on USA Adult Squash Action Plan :

The following email has come to our attention, through a forwarding email string.

We publish it without further editorializing, so that the squash readers can develop their own views on the subject:

From: Kevin Klipstein <kevin.klipstein@ussquash.com>
To: kevin.klipstein@ussquash.com
Cc: plasusa@ml-resources.com
Sent: Wed, Nov 25, 2009 12:26 pm
Subject: SquashTalk opinion piece

Dear U.S. Squash Committee Members,

As has happened a few times in the past, SquashTalk publisher Ron Beck has decided to take what I consider to be a very unfair swipe at the Association. Here is a link to his opinion piece http://www.squashtalk.com/html2/news09/nov/news09-11-456.htm published this week.

In considering the options on how to respond, the Association will counter the misinformed statements in the piece with our own communications.  We are developing specific stories that will be released shortly providing the facts on the issues he raises. Going back and forth is not an approach we feel will be effective. We’ll address the unambiguously positive trends in everything from post-college/adult participation and membership figures, to nationals and league participation, women’s squash and our support for commercial clubs. If you are contacted by anyone in the press for comment please just refer them to Board Chair Peter Lasusa or me for official comment.

The reality for U.S. Squash is that our collective efforts, and the results of our programs, tell a very different and positive story, and our community is feeling the impact of what we do every day. I believe people are smart enough to figure out what’s really going on in the squash world.  Thank you all for your efforts in getting the Association to where it is today. Because of your hard work, the future is very bright for the sport in all aspects from hardball to softball, singles to doubles, juniors and adults, college squash, leagues, tournaments and certification programs.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.



Kevin Klipstein