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SquashTalk’s EMail Letter: Information for the squash world * Vol 2 Issue
#7. June 2 2000, Concord MA USA * Visit www.squashtalk.com for fast breaking
news and more details *******************************************************************
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***** ISSUE #2-7 June 2, 2000. ******

This newsletter provides CONCISE information and news to the squash community
worldwide. For more detailed news, visit the web site http://www.squashtalk.com

This week’s contents:
1. Good morning readers!
2. Bailey in big San Francisco win
3. Super Series Finals
4. Super Series Video Production
5. World Champion Challenge postponed.
6. Final North American Pro rankings.
7. Summer events.
8. More historical writings.
9. College coaching position.

1. GOOD MORNING READERS! Welcome to the SquashTalk e-mail newsletter.
Visit www.squashtalk.com for daily updates on squash worldwide.

2. BAILEY GETS “FOG CITY” WIN There wasn’t any fog in San Francisco the
weekend that the WISPA tour came to town. Amidst brilliant blue skies
in San Francisco, The final event of the WISPA tour four-week Americas
swing was the San Francisco International Challenge. Tania Bailey took
the prize over Holland’s Vanessa Atkinson. The event featured some great
squash from Bailey, Atkinson, and Natalie Grinham. Plans are already being
made in San Francisco for an expanded WISPA event next year. You can get
a recap of the event by reading the daily tournament reporting at http://www.squashtalk.com/html/news/bay2000draw.htm.

3. SUPER SERIES FINALS The Equitable Life Super Series Finals gets underway
Monday June 5 in Central London. As one of only two major international
events in the UK, this eight-man event will garner a lot of attention.
All of the top players have particular motivation this time around. Peter
Nicol want to show he can continue his three-tourney streak. Jonathon
Power will want to reestablish his claim to number one. Simon Parke and
Ahmed Barada have both been runner-up at this event: they will want to
do better. Martin Heath wants to show his showing in New York in January
was for real. Johnson, Hill, and Evans will want to show they belong here.
And SquashTalk will be there all the way. The Super Series Final is previewed
by Martin Bronstein on Squashtalk. Read it and follow the daily event
coverage at http://www.squashtalk.com/superseries2000. You will find the
historical results, player profiles, the draw, last years daily reporting
by Bronstein, and more.

and a dream, continues his quest to produce squash videos that will engage
squash player and non squash player alike. The accolades for his TOC productions
keep arriving. Here is a small sample: “…without a doubt, these are
the best squash videos ever produced to date. The colours are brilliant.
You have the feeling you are very close to the action, like you were there.
I’ll continue to watch out for new productions from Jean Delierre and
will not hesitate to recommend to my friends…” “De Lierre … has stepped
up to the seemingly daunting challenge of presenting Squash in an entertainment
quality package, i.e. with multiple camera angles, color commentary AND
the very important aspect of humanizing the players. This humanizing element,
if I may refer to it that way, captures the players expressions and emotions
which connect the spectator more with how the players feel in there. He
mixes inside camera work with closeups and slow motion too… “Hats Off”
to this pioneer who may single handedly get the sport of Squash into a
presentable TV entertainment package that can be sold to the public, and
significant sponsors.” De Lierre will produce full coverage of the Super
Series Finals next week. Through next friday, these will be available
in a special pre-production package, that you can obtain at http://www.squashtalk.com/videos/superseries

5. World Champion Challenge Postponed. The World Championship Challenge
event mentioned in the last newsletter, featuring Sarah Fitz-Gerald head-to-head
with Cassie Campion, will be postponed indefinitely.

6. FINAL NORTH AMERICAN PRO RANKINGS The North American “PSA Challenger”
tour this winter comprised fourteen separate events. The complete results
for the tour can be found at http://www.squashtalk.com/psachallenger.
The final rankings for the 99-2000 season have now been compiled and can
also be found online at the same web location. Two sets of rankings were
produced: One comprising specifically the results of the Challenger tour.
#1 ranking was earned by Angus Kirkland, with Clive Leach at #2. The second
set of rankings comprised the overall record of North and Central Americans
worldwide. #1 ranking was earned by Jonathon Power with Graham Ryding
at #2. Kirkland, who has been the head pro for the past five years at
the Harvard Club in Boston, will be returning to the UK to continue his
studies. Kirkland, who has been instrumental in growth of junior squash
in New England, was recently honored in Boston with the creation of the
“Kirkland Cup” to be awarded annually for contributions to Junior Squash
in Massachusetts. Kirkland was also the inaugural recipient.

7. CALIFORNIA SUMMER ACTION Travelling to California? Visit the Bay
Club in San Francisco for their San Francisco Open June 16-18 Check details
or enter online at http://www.sfbayclubsquash.com; or you can attend Chris
Walker’s adult squash camps in Santa Barbara on these dates: July 7th/8th/9th
is a weekend camp for C and D level players, July 11th/12th/13th is a
midweek camp for mixed levels, July 14th/15th/16th is a weekend camp for
A and B level players. Contact Robert Graham at +1 805 966 6147.

8. HISTORICAL ARTICLES SquashTalk’s historical correspondents have been
busy in the past few weeks. If you are curious about the game of squash
doubles, read James Zug’s two part history of squash at http://www.squashtalk.com/newsletter/zug
and Rob Dinerman provides an excellent retrospective of the “Grand Masters”
Tour in the early ’90s. at http://www.squashtalk.com/newsletter/dinerman

for Men’s and Women’s Squash Teams at Dartmouth College, Hanover New Hampshire,
USA. Duties Include: assist with the training, coaching and recruiting
of two intercollegiate squash teams. Provide administrative support to
the squash program. Additional responsibilities: racquet stringing, junior
clinics, private lessons ( all generate extra income) Requirements: strong
player background, personable, organized, motivated. Preference will be
given to those with former coaching experience. Contact: John Power, head
coach @ 603 646-1495. Forward resume to: 6083 Alumni Gym, Hanover, NH
03755 or fax 603 646-3348 or email john.power@dartmouth.edu. **********************************************************

A fine documentary record of Jonathon Power’s road to the world championship
was aired on Canadian TV this spring and is available at http://www.squashtalk.com/videos/powergame.htm

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Beck, Publisher www.squashtalk.com email ronbeck@squashtalk.com tel +1-978-371-2606
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END EMAIL LETTER, VOL 2 ISSUE 6, May 18, 2000 ****************************************************************
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