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by Ron Beck

Beck is the editor of SquashTalk and spent five years on the WPSA pro tour)

June 3, 2009: Squash and Sportsmanship: The lesson of LeBron
Oct 4, 2005
: The
British Open at Risk: Prize money and marketing problems
24, 2005
Too Short a Night in Islamabad: Some thoughts
on the new 11-point scoring
July 8, 2005: The PSA and WISPA
World Rankings: Time to fix the flaws!
May 13, 2005: The
Reinvented Jonathon Power: Good for squash
Feb 2, 2005: The Big Game (Trinity
vs Harvard): A spectator sport
Oct 29, 2004: Americans Miss
Oppoturnity at the 2004 British Open
Dec 23, 2001: Holiday Message to SquashTalk
readers and Year in Review
Sept 14, 2001: Decision process: How the
US Open was Postponed
Mar 18,
: Musical Chairs: The Manipulation of Nationalism
for Personal Gain