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Carol Weymuller "Hall
of Fame"

Carol WeymullerThe
Carol Weymuller Tournament has been held in New York since 1975. The tournament
began as a hardball tournament called The Heights Casino Women’s Open.
In 1980 the tournament was renamed the The Carol Weymuller Open when Carol
and her husband Fred Weymuller moved to Rochester, New York to honor her
contribution to women’s squash in New York.

In 1993 the
Carol Weymuller became a WISPA softball event when Alicia McConnell became
the co-head pro at Heights Casino.

In 2002 the
USSRA and Heights Casino came to an agreement to elevate the tournament
to the US Women’s Open and renamed it the Weymuller US Open to honor the
original event creator Carol Weymuller.

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Year Winner
City/Country Finalist
1975 Barbara Maltby Philadelphia
1976 Barbara Maltby Philadelphia
1977 Barbara Maltby Philadelphia
1978 Barbara Maltby Philadelphia
1979 Virgina Akabane Rochester
1980 Alicia McConnell
1981 Alicia McConnell
1982 Alicia McConnell
1983 Alicia McConnell
1984 Alicia McConnell


1985 Alicia McConnell
1986 Alicia McConnell
1987 Karen Kelso Denver  
1988 Not held    
1989 Karen Kelso Denver  
1990 Ellie Pierce Newport  
1991 Demer Holleran Philadelphia
1992 Demer Holleran Philadelphia
1993 Fiona Geaves
England Vicky Cardwell
1994 Cassie Jackman England Demer Holleran(USA)
1995 Michelle Martin Australia Carol Owens(AUS)
England Liz
Irving (AUS)
1997 Sarah Fitz-Gerald Australia Michelle Martin
1998 Michelle Martin Australia Sarah Fitz-Gerald(AUS)
1999 Michelle Martin Australia Linda Charman
2000 Leilani
Charman (ENG)
2001* Sarah Fitz-Gerald Australia Carol Owens
2002 Carol Owens New Zealand Tania Bailey
2003 Cassie Jackman England Carol Owens (NZL)
2004 Natalie Grainger USA Linda Elriani (ENG)
2005 Nicol David Malaysia Racheal Grinham
* Played in Jan 2002
Note: 1975-92 were hardball.
Cassion Jackman- 1994,
1996, 2003 Weymuller US Open Winner.
(photo: © 2003, Debra
Carol Owens- 2002 Weymuller
US Open
Winner and 1995, 2001, 2003 Finalist.
(photo: © 2002 Debra Tessier)
Alicia McConnell – Weymuller
Winner 7 years in a row
© SquashTalk archives
Demer Holleran – 1991,
92, Weymuller Winner and 1994 Finalist.
(photo: © 2002 Debra Tessier)
Michelle Martin – 1995,
98, 99 Weymuller Winner and 1997 Finalist.
Sarah Fitz-Gerald –
1997, 2001 Weymuller Winner and 1998 Finalist.
(photo: ©
2002 Debra Tessier)
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