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City Squash Tournament Statistics

Compiled by James Zug.
July 1, 2001.

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Atlantic City Squash Championships
Historical Winners

Atlantic Coast Squash

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Year Winner Finalist
1930 Neil J. Sullivan,
Roy R. Coffin
1931 W. H. Baugher
Roy R. Coffin
1932 Donald Strachan W. H. Baugher
1933 Donald Strachan Neil J. Sullivan, II
1934 Neil J. Sullivan, II Donald Strachan
1935 Donald Strachan Neil J. Sullivan, II
1936 Donald Strachan Neil J. Sullivan, II
1937 Germain G. Glidden Neil J. Sullivan, II
1938 H. Hunter Lott, Jr.  
1939 Sherman Howes  
1940 H. Hunter Lott, Jr.  
1941 Sherman Howes  
1942 Charles M.P. Brinton  
1947 Charles M.P. Brinton  
1948 Donald Strachan Charles M.P. Brinton
1949 Charles M.P. Brinton G. Diehl Mateer, Jr.
1950-1957 Not Held
1958 G. Diehl Mateer, Jr. A. Carter Fergusson
1959 G. Diehl Mateer, Jr. Calvin MacCracken
1960 Charles W. Ufford, Jr. G. Diehl Mateer, Jr.
1961 Charles W. Ufford, Jr. Henri Salaun
1962 Ralph E. Howe Donald Mills
1963 G. Diehl Mateer, Jr. Harry B. Conlon
1964 Ralph E. Howe Samuel P.
Howe, III
1965 Ralph E. Howe G. Diehl Mateer, Jr.
1966 E. Victor Seixas, Jr.
Howard Coonley
1967 Samuel P. Howe, III Maurice Heckscher
1968 Thomas Poor Donald Louria
1969 Thomas Poor G. Diehl Mateer, Jr.
1970 Thomas Poor Charles W. Ufford, Jr.
1971 Thomas Poor Khalid Mir
1972 Lawrence Terrell Palmer Page
1973 Thomas Poor Palmer Page
1974 Michael Pierce Thomas Poor
1975 Palmer Page Albert Jacobs
1976 David Page Palmer Page
1977 John Bottger David Page
1978 Thomas Page David Page
1979 Thomas Page  
1980 Ned Edwards  
1981 Michael Pierce Ray Rodriquez
1982 Vic Wagner  
1983 Kenton Jernigan  
1984 Gilbert Mateer  
1985 Lee Robinson Hill, Jr.  
1986 Thomas Harrity  
1987 Pepe Martinez  
1988 Scott Brehman  
1989 Scott Brehman  
1990 Scott Ryan  
1991 Terry Spahr  
1992 Terry Spahr  
1993 Thomas Harrity  
1994 Thomas Harrity  
1995 Thomas Harrity  
1996 Thomas Harrity  
1997 Lee Robinson Hill, Jr.  
1998 Rob Dinerman  
1999 Thomas Harrity Luis Sanchez
2000 Thomas Harrity  
2001 Rob Dinerman Paul Chan

Atlantic Coast Professional
Squash Championships


Year Winner Finalist
1981 Stu Goldstein Gordon Anderson

Atlantic Coast Women’s Squash Championships


Year Winner Finalist
1931 Mrs George Wightman Miss Eleanora Sears
1932 Miss Ruth Hall Miss Anne Page
1933 Miss Susan Noel Miss Cecile Fenwick
1934 Miss Anne Page Miss Cecile Fenwick
1935 Miss Anne Page Mrs Ian McKechnie
1936 Miss Anne Page Miss V. Vanderbeck
1937 Miss Anne Page Mrs. Cecile F. Bowes
1938 Miss Anne Page Mrs. Cecile F. Bowes

Atlantic Coast Veterans’ Squash Championships


Year Winner Finalist
1973   G. Diehl Mateer, Jr. William Tully  
1974 Charles Ufford  G. Diehl Mateer, Jr. 
1975 G. Diehl Mateer, Jr.  Roland Oddy  
1976 G. Diehl Mateer, Jr.  William Cullen 
1977  G. Diehl Mateer, Jr.  William Sykes 
1978 G. Diehl Mateer, Jr. William Cullen
1981 Carl Dworkin Jr. Warren Young  


Atlantic Coast Seniors Squash Championships


Year Winner Finalist
1977 Newton Meade  
1978 Richie Ashburn Newton Meade
1981 Darwin
Kingsley, III
2000 Bill Giese Bill Cobbett
2001 John Frazier Bill Giese

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